Friday, 7 October 2011

Have a new Blog!

So, Sorry I've been neglecting this blog a lot, I've had girlfriend problems (as I currently have 8 girlfriends on the go), parties, work, avoiding work (and William) ,avoiding blogging and more procrastination have kept me busy for the 5 months. 

I'd share my wonderful party stories but unfortunately I can't remember anything I did....Or any one I did actually, So I actually have no idea what to blog about. I only decided to blog today as I was watching horror movies with Grell-Senpai and he "Kindly" Reminded me with his death scythe to write one. I hope this blog was good enough. 

Well That's all I can think of, But there was the most annoying children while I was on a mission today so this song sorta sums up my thoughts. 

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Stabbin' Grell

I almost stabbed Grell today and he almost had a heart attack! I know he's always wanted a baby and after the fright I gave him today I think he almost had one. 

I spent most of the day with Will  and Grell-senpai. The overnight room is boring and Grell's night time beauty routine is stinking up the whole room. So I stole his laptop. Also Will-senpai has fell asleep sitting up. I want to shave his head and go back to calling him Britney like I was doing earlier. 

I've been trying to learn how to waltz lately but its been a bit hard finding a teacher since Will wont let me lead and Grell loves to tango and his hands have a habit of wandering. Its AWKWARD!

Also I hope they realise that I am missing two parties and a date this weekend to go on this stupid mission! I wanna hang out with real girls not Grell-senpai. I miss boobs. 

And this is for Will - 

Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Last Will and Testiment of Ronald "To Die" Knox

William-senpai has been in a pretty bad mood the last few days so I am writing an online will in case he remembers that I haven't handed in any work in the last week. I love my job my job really I just had other things to do.

Here's my will in case he kills me, and if you don't see another blog on here you will know where I went.

1) Grell can have all my paper work.

2) I want to be buried with my lawnmower.

3) Eric can have his cup back. Its in a small cardboard box under my desk.

4) The girls at General Affairs can have my shot glass collection. Use them in my honor ladies.

5) Grell-senpai can have the bottle of red wine under my desk.

6) Alan can have the packets of painkillers I keep in my desk for my hangovers. I know he's always sick so he can use them. Oh! And the chocolate that has been in my drawer since two Easters ago and the bag of Doritos.

7) The party after my funeral better be awesome!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Dating Tips From Ronald Knox

You promised me a drink if i did this,so here you go~

Tip 1 - Compliment them, Let's face it, all Girls like to be complimented whether they want to admit it or not. 

Tip 2 - Be Funny, Most girls like a guy that can make them laugh .

Tip 3 - Chat-up Lines as cheesey as they can get, here's some examples  
"Hi, I'm doing a survey ...What's your name? What's your phone number? Are you free next Saturday?"
"Shall we talk or continue flirting from a distance?"
"Your eyes are blue, like the ocean and I'm lost at sea" 
"Whats the difference between sex and a Conversation? You don't know? why don't we go up stairs and talk?"

Tip 4 - Confidence.

Tip 5 - Tease, Leave them wanting you~ Don't chase after them 

Tip 6 - Buy them a drink 

If none of the above work, Give them a side order of roofie. 

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

My Penis and I Condemn you.

I'm aware that I'm meant to be writing dating tips. But a certain Red haired shinigami has Condemned himself in my blog, all his own fault. I can't remember why, but, he did.

He's already mentioned this in his blog, but Grell decided to shave off half of his eyebrow...I hope it never grows back.

I'm currently high on American sweets that were sent to Grell and William such as peeps and twizzlers. Peeps have a better effect that perno and orphan tears.

And before Grell says anything about the Picture.I FOUND IT FIRST. Picture stealing tranny.

I'll write a longer blog some other time,until then, stare at this monozu  / Deino

Monday, 11 April 2011

Rocky Road apparently shouldn't be left in office Fridges.

Apparently, Grell-Senpai Made rocky road for some other shinigami for doing his paper and put it in the office fridge. Too bad i ate it.

I Also have to stop hitting on people during my blogs. So I thought I would say anything. And a picture can speak a 1000 words right? Thought so. 

Also has William doesn't read my blog, i can happily say, I steal the office supplies! and stole 168 meters of paper....

But on another note i did ten hours of work today! in between stealing supplies. But I did something! William would be proud, i say this cancels out my thievery 

And i'm meant to write longer blogs,maybe some other time~

P.s Grell's a Grammar Nazi.

P.s.s Way to go Grell, Now everyone is noticing the mistakes you pointed out on twitter! $%&$ YOU!

Sunday, 10 April 2011


I Think i need to say Hi to begin with, and if you're female Leave your phone number ;)

Right So i was gonna around my normal day with the lawnmower and all that.So I Turned my lawnmower on and was using it for a bit, then Something fell out of it and it turned out to be a Toe. I checked the lawnmower and turns out there was a cat in it. The cat then ran off for two days before finally returning. Its whole muzzle was separated from the rest of it's face and missing two toes.

Also i apologise for my lack of blogs..And my last blog..and my no blogs for the past 4 months. Work takes up a lot of time..and so does procrastination

. I Think this covers me for the time being on blogs..I'll be back in 4 months.